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100+ Years of Combined Experience

Who We Are

In 2021, the founding partners took their many years of executive service in the federal government, law enforcement, and private sector and formed Strategic Initiatives Global Partners LLC (“SI Global Partners”) to utilize their knowledge, expertise, and global network to solve complex and far-reaching problems. 

SI Global Partners employs a select group of subject matter experts, selected for their diverse skill sets and experience across numerous fields, including investigations, intelligence analysis, crisis management, physical security, and project management. Our talent base ensures that we are fully equipped to appropriately and successfully address the broad range of matters faced by our clients.

With locations in several major US cities including New York, Seattle, Miami, and Washington D.C., and a truly global network, SI Global Partners can operate and respond to almost any jurisdiction a client may require.

Investigations & Security

What We Do

With integrity, subject matter expertise, and a strong network of domestic and international partners, SI Global Partners is uniquely positioned to resolve the most complex challenges anywhere in the world.

At our core, SI Global Partners solves problems. We provide trusted services to a diverse clientele.

Global Security Solutions

Our Services

  • Investigations & Due Diligence
  • Cyber Investigations & Security
  • Compliance & Regulatory Review
  • Physical Security

What sets us Apart

Our Values

At SI Global Partners, we built a culture centered around experienced and talented individuals who are dedicated to mitigating risk, resolving our client’s needs, and achieving outstanding results in the process. Our values are at the core of every decision we make as a team, and are held above all else.

SI Global believes in uncompromising adherence to ethical behavior in our practices and work product in order to foster trust with our clients. Our actions are aligned with the highest moral standards and professional conduct, all of which serves as our foundation. we believe in full transparency wherever possible.
Our team is comprised of highly-skilled professionals who have been chosen based on their exceptional track record of delivering outstanding service and possessing a wealth of knowledge in their respective areas of expertise. Our team members are committed to utilizing their experience to help our clients navigate even the most complex challenges with ease. We take pride in offering unmatched insights and solutions, tailored to our client’s unique needs and requirements.
We are committed to crafting and delivering the highest quality products and services, consistently striving for precision and accuracy. Our dedication to excellence not only defines our commitment to surpassing expectations, but also establishes a benchmark for enduring success in every interaction.
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How Can We Help?

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