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Our Services

Compliance & Regulatory Review

SI Global Partners provides a wide range of FCPA and anti-corruption compliance work on behalf of domestic and international companies. These services can be performed anywhere in the world and are staffed by compliance experts who understand the international regulatory landscape of the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the United Kingdom’s Serious Fraud Office.

Our team is comprised of former federal prosecutors, federal law enforcement agents, and compliance auditors with unmatched integrity for crafting and performing compliance fact finding, developing and implementing solutions, consistent with company and regulatory expectations. SI Global Partners can provide, among other services, the following

SI Global Partners can act as a government or court appointed, or self-imposed, independent monitor, ethics officer, or private sector Inspector General to organizations with compliance issues.  

Compliance & Regulatory Review

  • Assess internal and external compliance policies, protocols, controls, audit programs, reporting standards, and ongoing initiatives.
  • Develop and supplement existing policies, protocols, controls, and initiatives to bring a company in line with industry best practices and regulatory expectations and mandates.
  • Create and provide FCPA compliance training programs.
  • Monitor FCPA compliance on an ongoing basis.

Compliance Investigations

  • Conduct internal or external investigation into allegations of compliance breaches.
  • Serve as an independent ethics monitor or officer for a company that is being scrutinized by regulators or law enforcement, or as part of a court-approved judgment or settlement agreement.
  • Independent Monitoring

    • Independent inspections, investigations, audits, or oversight and verification of existing governance, ethics, procurement, due diligence
    • FCPA compliance and anti-corruption programs
    • Acting as an independent internal ethics and regulatory advisor
    • Independent oversight of investigations and reporting misconduct or ethical violations
    • Establishing and/or providing a 24/7 FCPA or anti-corruption hotline